KCACR Quarter Peals Record

Report 31 March 2008

Added at 09:38 1st April 2008 by Anthony Leeves
211 quarter peals have been printed in the Ringing World and/or entered on Campanophile and/or entered directly onto the Website in the first 3 months of the year. Canterbury District leads with 63 and has had a quarter peal in over half of its ringable towers (51%). The Maidstone District has the highest average number per ringable tower (1.3).

The leading towers are All Saints Maidstone (12), Aylesford (11), and High Halden (10). As expected, Plain Bob (50) and Grandsire (37) are the most rung methods, followed by Stedman (17) and Yorkshire (15). Darren Elphick has continued to lead the conductors (20) followed by Mike Birkbeck (13) and Mark Chittenden-Pile (10).

5 ringers have rung their first quarter peal and 2 their first as conductor. Donald Niblett rang his 1500th quarter peal. Please click on Personal Milestones for details.

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