KCACR Quarter Peals Record

Report 30 June 2008

Added at 09:32 1st July 2008 by Anthony Leeves
411 quarter peals have been recorded to 30 June, including 17 in hand. Canterbury District continues to lead with 118 rung in 32 of its towers. Maidstone District has the highest average per tower (2.6), but the lowest percentage of towers with a quarter peal (32%), with over half of its quarter peals at the two leading towers, Maidstone, All Saints (25) and Aylesford (22). Tonbridge District has the highest percentage of towers with a quarter peal (63%).

The top 5 methods rung are Plain Bob (98), Grandsire (73), Stedman (27), Yorkshire (22), Cambridge (21). The top 3 conductors are Darren Elphick (38), Mark Chittenden-Pile (23), and Mike Birkbeck (21).

12 ringers have now rung their first quarter peal this year (6 of them in the Lewisham District), and 3 their first as conductor. Details can be found under Personal Milestones. There have been many other achievements by individuals, some of which also appear in the Personal Milestones.

The total number of quarter peals is considerably higher than at this time last year, but the number of first quarter peals and first as conductor is down. The increased activity is across the spectrum of methods - Plain Bob and Grandsire are up by 14 and 13 respectively and the percentage rung on Sunday is much the same as last year, demonstrating that it is not just increased activity by the elite bands. Just a few achievements that I have noticed are Double Oxford Bob Triples and Double Grandsire Triples at Lyminge, Belfast Surprise Major scored twice at Benenden, the Horton 4 rung three times at Beckenham, and the inter-District band working its way through the Surprise Major months.

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