KCACR Quarter Peals Record

Report 30 September 2008

Added at 08:57 1st October 2008 by Anthony Leeves
601 quarter peals have been recorded in the first 9 months of 2008. Canterbury District leads the way with 184 in 34 towers, while Tonbridge has the highest percentage of towers "quartered" (73%) and Maidstone has the highest average number per tower (3.6).

Aylesford and Maidstone All Saints are joint leaders with 32, well ahead of High Halden with 26. Not surprisingly, the top two conductors are from the two leading towers - Darren Elphick with 54 anf Mike Birkbeck with 30.

Adrian Hackford's band continues to work its way through the two hunt Triples methods, while Damien Smith's band have successfully reached September in the Surprise Major months. David Manger continues to add to the list of Surprise Major methods recorded on this database, as does the High Halden Wednesday band with Minor methods.

Disappointingly there have only been 3 people recording a 1st quarter peal in the last 3 months, bringing the total for the year to 15. First quarter peals as conductor have been recorded by 3 people this year, and 2 of them (Howard Goacher and Adam Brady) have gone on to call further quarter peals, including Surprise (Howard's first was also of Surprise), so it looks as though the Maidstone District will still have some conductors if Messrs Elphick and Birkbeck ever hang up their conductor boots. I notice that some Districts have quarter peal weeks in the last 3 months of 2008 - maybe this will provide the opportunity for more first quarter peals. For a full list of firsts and other recorded achievements, please click on the Personal Milestones.

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