KCACR Quarter Peals Record

2009 Annual Quarter Peal Report

Added at 15:02 2nd February 2010 by Anthony Leeves
876 quarter peals were recorded within the Association area in 2009, a decrease of 41 on the 2008 total, but still higher than the totals in the three years prior to that. The Lewisham District recorded an increase of 36% helped by greater activity on the augmented bells at Chelsfield, while both the Rochester and Tonbridge Districts had a 23% reduction. As in 2008 Canterbury District rang the most quarter peals, Maidstone District had the highest average number per tower, and Tonbridge District had the highest percentage of ringable towers with a quarter peal.

Congratulations to the 37 ringers who rang their first quarter peal (34 in 2008), and to the 3 firsts as conductor (4 in 2008). Roy Barclay and Shirley Marshall recorded their 1000th quarter peal, Tony Martin and Damien Smith their 500th, Mike Little his 500th as conductor, and Clare Larter her 500th in Kent.

Maidstone, All Saints was the leading tower with 50, followed by Aylesford with 43. Darren Elphick again leads the list of conductors with 63, well ahead of Mike Little's 47. There were 124 conductors in 2009 (8 fewer than in 2008). There were 38 handbell quarter peals (48 in 2008) and 45 Bramley Avenue with 28 was again the leading "tower" in the Canterbury District. The Trafford Ring was put to good use with 8 quarter peals in 7 different locations, and there was 1 quarter peal on the Charmborough Ring.

Four date touches were rung - three of Doubles and one of Stedman Caters. There was a quarter peal on the newly restored and augmented bells at Newnham conducted by its vicar, Richard Birch. The Faversham handbell band has expanded in both ringers and methods, its significant achievement in 2009 being three quarter peals of Stedman Triples which the band agreed was the hardest bit of ringing they had done.

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