KCACR Quarter Peals Record

Report 30 September 2010

Added at 10:02 1st October 2010 by Anthony Leeves
610 quarter peals have been recorded in the first 9 months of 2010 (588 in 2009). Canterbury District leads with 177 in 32 towers although Lewisham District has achieved quarter peals in the highest percentage of towers (94%) and has the highest average number per tower (3.8). Faversham (45 Bramley Avenue) and High Halden lead the list of towers with 26 each, while David Macey's 51 as conductor keeps him ahead of Darren Elphick's 43.

26 ringers have rung their first quarter peal this year, 13 of them in the Lewisham District. 2 have rung their first as conductor, including Benjamin Legg who has gone on to call another 5 this year.

The Canterbury District handbell team has continued to expand its repertoire with quarter peals of Lincolnshire Surprise Major and Oxford Treble Bob Royal.

The Carmborough Ring was put to good use with 5 quarter peals rung at Richard Edwards' 40th birthday celebrations.

Congratulations to Donald and Ruth Niblett on ringing their 1000th quarter peal together.

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