KCACR Quarter Peals Record

2011 Annual Quarter Peal Report

Added at 22:06 11th February 2012 by Anthony Leeves

1,052 quarter peals were recorded within the Association area in 2011, the greatest number in a year since these records were started in 1998. (The previous highest number was 956 in 2002). The very active bands at Birchington (the leading tower with 89) and Kennington/Great Chart (with 59 and 60 respectively) made a significant contribution to this total. Their conductors (Mike Little who conducted 152 and Graham Coker who conducted 151) both exceeded the previous highest number conducted in a year (140 by Richard Edwards in 2001). There were 395 quarter peals in the Canterbury District, the highest number in any District since these records were started. 356 of these were on tower bells which equates to an average of 6.357 per ringable tower in the District, just short of the average of 6.386 per tower achieved by the Ashford District in 2004! There was a quarter peal in all but one of the ringable towers in the Canterbury District. The number of quarter peals in the Ashford, Canterbury, and Rochester Districts increased significantly over the 2010 figures, while the Lewisham and Maidstone Districts had fewer quarter peals than in 2010, and the Tonbridge District total was up by just 1.

Congratulations to the 33 ringers who rang their first quarter peal (38 in 2010). 5 of these were at Kennington/Great Chart. Congratulations also to the 8 firsts as conductor (the highest number since 2008 when there were also 8).

There were 140 conductors in 2011, the increase on the 102 in 2010 being partly accounted for by a touring band in August. 47 handbell quarter peals were rung (46 in 2010). There were quarter peals on the Trafford Ring at Staplehurst and Kings Hill, two on the Charmborough Ring at Charlton, and one on the Ambergate Campanile at Chelsfield. The first quarter peal on the new ring at Stone-next-Dartford was recorded, and the first on the augmented ring at Herne.

Two date touches were rung and there was one other length of over 2000 changes.

Again I would like to thank District Secretaries for sending out my lists of quarter peals rung and requesting that details of any errors or omissions be sent to me, and I thank all ringers who have helped resolve queries on quarter peal details.

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