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Added at 10:03 20th February 2019 by Anthony Leeves
This database records all known quarter peals rung in the county of Kent and that part of London formerly in the county of Kent from 1964 to date, those listed in the KCACR handbook from 1951 to 1963, and a few other pre 1964 quarter peals. Most of these will have been rung by members of the Kent County Association of Change Ringers, but some will have been rung by visiting bands or by other organisations.

The database was set up by Dickon Love in 1998 when he was the KCACR handbook editor, and maintained by him until 2005. At the 2006 KCACR AGM the post of Quarter Peal Secretary was created and Stephen Davis was elected. Steve recorded the quarter peals for 2006, but, due to other commitments, did not seek re-election in 2007. At the 2007 KCACR AGM, Anthony Leeves was elected as Quarter Peal Secretary and, shortly afterwards, his son Luke developed this website database on which the quarter peal details are now held and to which the KCACR website has a link.

The details as recorded in the Ringing World are shown in the footnote area for those quarter peals printed in the Ringing World from 1964 to 1995. For all other quarter peals just the date, place, number of changes, method, conductor, and footnote is recorded. The Ringing World page reference has been added where found so that anyone who wants to check the details of the band can find the record in the Ringing World. There is also a note in the reference to indicate if the quarter peal has been recorded on the Ringing World BellBoard.

For the statistical analysis, a tower is included as ringable if it is shown as ringable in the KCACR handbook. It may be that quarter peals are not possible in some of these towers. Information on which towers were ringable prior to 1956 is incomplete so ringable towers have not been included in the statistical information prior to that date.

As well as continuing to record quarter peals as they are rung in future, further historical data are being added as and when time permits.

While every effort is made to maintain accurate records, the data can only be as accurate as the source (normally the printed Ringing World and/or the Ringing World BellBoard and/or as supplied by the conductor or a member of the band), and the Quarter Peal Secretary is not immune from human error when transcribing or copying and pasting information. There are also several records which are incomplete because the full details have not been found. The Quarter Peal Secretary will always be pleased to receive reliable information to correct or add to the records held.

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