KCACR Quarter Peals Record

2013 Annual Quarter Peal Report

Added at 21:06 14th February 2014 by Anthony Leeves
933 quarter peals were recorded within the Association area in 2013. This is just one fewer than in 2012 and is the third consecutive year that the total has been over 900. Significant events for which quarter peals were rung included the birth of Prince George, the enthronement of the new Archbishop, St George's Day, the deaths of Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela, and the tercentenary of Fabian Stedman's death. Birchington (All Saints) is again the leading tower with 60 quarter peals in 2013. Their band has continued ringing quarter peals in different Doubles methods or variations (43 different ones in 2013). Mark Chittenden-Pile was the leading conductor, calling 111 quarters, followed by Mike Little with 73. All Districts except for Canterbury District recorded more quarter peals than in 2012, but the Canterbury District still had the highest number of quarter peals. The Ashford District had the highest average per tower and the Tonbridge District the highest percentage of ringable towers recording a quarter peal (90%).

Congratulations to the 34 ringers who rang their first quarter peal (well down on the 51 in 2012, but around average for other recent years). These included a further five from the new band at Farnborough. Congratulations also to the 11 firsts as conductor. This is the highest number of new conductors in any year since these records began, and it is particularly encouraging to see that seven of them called at least one further quarter peal in 2013. There were also four ringers who called in a quarter peal for the first time, but shared the calling with one or more members of the band.

Neil Jones rang his 1,000th quarter peal, and Jackie Barlow her 500th.

There were 130 conductors in 2013 (133 in 2012). 13 handbell quarter peals were rung (46 in 2012).

One half peal was rung and one 2013 date touch.

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