KCACR Quarter Peals Record

2019 Annual Quarter Peal Report

Added at 09:57 20th February 2020 by Anthony Leeves
1,113 quarter peals were recorded within the Association area in 2019, 42 down on 2018, but the third consecutive year with over 1,100. Quarter peals were rung in memory of and in celebration of the lives of Association members who died during the year, including John Barnes, Stanley Evans, and Ray Lucas. Several quarter peals were rung to mark New Year, Easter, St George's Day, Remembrance Sunday, Advent and Christmas. Quarter peals were also rung in solidarity with France after the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, and to mark the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings. Nine sponsored quarter peals were rung in a day at Beckenham.

The Society of Kent Young Ringers was very active ringing quarter peals with many firsts and an increasing number of ringers taking part. A few of the Kent Young Ringers seemed to enjoy ringing handbell quarter peals in unusual places.
The leading tower was St Michael's, Maidstone with 65 quarter peals closely followed by All Saints, Birchington with 64. Neil Jones was again the leading conductor, calling 108 quarter peals. The Canterbury District had the highest number of quarter peals while the Tonbridge District had the highest average per tower and the highest percentage of its ringable towers recording a quarter peal.

Congratulations to the 26 ringers who rang their first quarter peal (48 in 2018), and to the seven firsts as conductor.

Jacqueline Barlow and Timothy Wraight each rang their 1,500th quarter peal.

There were 147 conductors in 2019 (143 in 2018). Thirty-seven handbell quarter peals were rung (eighteen in 2018).

The longest lengths were a 2019 date touch, a half peal, a 2040 and a 2880.

Several methods and variations were rung to a quarter peal for the first time and named by the band.

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