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Added at 09:43 23rd April 2007 by Anthony Leeves
Welcome to the revamped quarter peal database and website.

2007 quarter peals have been entered as found in the Ringing World and on Campanophile to date (and also a few late published 2006 quarter peals). I will continue to add them as they appear from these media week by week, so the details should always be as up to date as possible. The data can only be as good as found in the Ringing World and on Campanophile and it is possible that I may miss a quarter peal or make transcribing errors, so please send any errors or omissions you spot to qpsec@kcacr.org.uk. You will see that it is now possible for you to submit a quarter peal directly to the site, so there's no need for you to wait for me to pick it up and you can make sure it is correct! The system does not allow you to correct the entry once you have submitted it, but if you do make a mistake on the entry you can e-mail the correction to me and I will correct it.

The new site allows you to filter and analyse the data in many different ways, so have fun using this facility. All filters are available for all types of report because it is easier to have the same screen for all - some will be more useful and meaningful than others. Any comments, favourable or otherwise, on the new site will be welcomed.

Finally I would like to express my thanks to my son Luke for building the new site and transferring the historical data, to Dickon Love and Steve Davis without whose efforts there would be no historical data, and to webmaster Lewis for getting it all linked up to the KCACR website.

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