KCACR Quarter Peals Record

Report 30 June 2007

Added at 21:14 1st July 2007 by Anthony Leeves
346 quarter peals rung in the first half of the year have been reported in the Ringing World and/or on Campanophile. The Ashford District leads the way with 106, over half of which have been rung at the three leading towers - Ashford (22), High Halden (21), and Benenden (16). The Ashford District also has the highest average number per tower (2.4). The Canterbury District has rung 8 of the 9 handbell quarter peals and has quarter peals rung in the most towers (22) while the Tonbridge District has achieved the greatest coverage with quarter peals rung in 50% of its towers. 42% of the quarter peals were rung on a Sunday which is much like previous years. 16 people rang their first quarter peal, the Ashford and Rochester Districts having the highest number with 4 each. Four people rang their first as conductor.

The leading conductors are Richard Edwards (29), Darren Elphick (25), Martin Marshall (22), and Mark Chittenden-Pile (20).

The most rung methods (on all numbers) are Plain Bob (84), Grandsire (60), Cambridge (22), Stedman (21), Yorkshire (14), and Single Oxford (11). The same six methods in the same order are the most rung since 1998 when the database records were started, so nothing has changed here.

The Friday Benenden band continues to make use of the extra bells ringing 2 quarter peals of Surprise Maximus (including the first of Iden Green S Maximus) and 10 of Surprise Royal (including 3 of London No.3). Beckenham have also been active with quarter peals of Royal ringing 5 quarter peals in 5 different Surprise/Delight methods. The Lewisham District have also rung silent and unconducted quarter peals of Grandsire Triples and 8 Spliced Surprise Major all the work. The Wednesday band at High Halden continues to be active with 18 different Minor methods rung this year - the database indicates 110 different methods rung there from 1998 to date. These together with the high number of quarter peals of Plain Bob and Grandsire mentioned above show that quarter peals continue to cover a large range of methods and ringers' abilities and continue to provide ringers at all levels with a great sense of achievement.

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