KCACR Quarter Peals Record

Personal achievements to 30 June 2007

Added at 21:48 1st July 2007 by Anthony Leeves
First quarter peals

Tony Cresswell 24 Jun 2007 at Chevening (St Botolph)
Anne Wallen 17 Jun 2007 at Leeds (St Nicholas)
Lucy Whitehead 16 Jun 2007 at Saltwood (Ss Peter & Paul)
Richard Down 16 Jun 2007 at Saltwood (Ss Peter & Paul)
Benjamin P Sheekey 09 Jun 2007 at Birchington (All Saints)
Keith Finch 27 May 2007 at Hythe (St Leonard)
Oliver Sargent 24 May 2007 at Bromley Common (St Luke)
Phil Brown 20 May 2007 at Rochester (St Margaret)
Anne Anderson 13 May 2007 at Hythe (St Leonard)
Matt Allan 13 May 2007 at Biggin Hill (St Mark)
Melissa Case 13 May 2007 at Biggin Hill (St Mark)
Emily Paix 29 Apr 2007 at Sevenoaks (St Nicholas)
Wizz Stearne 11 Mar 2007 at Rochester (Cathedral)
Martin Rushton 25 Feb 2007 at Rochester (Cathedral)
Penny Seymour 17 Feb 2007 at Bobbing (St Bartholomew)
Joanne Fagg 03 Jan 2007 at Ospringe (Ss Peter & Paul)

First quarter peal as conductor

Anita Perryman 03 Jun 2007 at Rochester (St Margaret)
Bobbie Fairclough 15 May 2007 at Otford (St Bartholomew)
Daniel Brady 15 Apr 2007 at Staplehurst (All Saints)
Simon Friend 25 Feb 2007 at St Peter in Thanet (St Peter the Apostle)

Other personal achievements

50th Quarter Peal Dorothy Wiseman 20 May 2007 at Ashford (St Mary the Virgin)
50th Quarter Peal Stuart Willmott 13 May 2007 at Birchington (All Saints)
75th Quarter Peal Andrew Sinclair 06 Feb 2007 at Crayford (St Paulinus)
150th Quarter Peal Angela Clark 04 Mar 2007 at Tonbridge (Ss Peter & Paul)
200th Quarter on Handbells Clare Larter 10 Jun 2007 at Faversham (45 Bramley Avenue)
300th at All Saints Mike Little 24 Mar 2007 at Birchington (All Saints)
350th Quarter Peal Margaret Funnell 09 Jun 2007 at Speldhurst (St Mary the Virgin)
500th Quarter Peal David P Macey 08 Apr 2007 at Beckenham (St George)
1600th Quarter Peal Michael A Birkbeck 04 Jun 2007 at Tunstall (St John the Baptist)

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