KCACR Quarter Peals Record

2007 Annual Quarter Peal Report

Added at 17:04 28th January 2008 by Anthony Leeves
797 quarter peals were recorded within the Association area in 2007. This is 52 more than in 2006, but still below the peak years of 2001 to 2004. Ashford, Canterbury, Maidstone, and Tonbridge had increases, while Lewisham and Rochester had small decreases. The most significant change was in the Maidstone District with an increase of 34%. Canterbury District again rang the most quarter peals and Ashford again had both the highest average number per tower and the highest percentage of ringable towers with a quarter peal.

Congratulations to the 39 ringers who rang their first quarter peal (37 in 2006). Particularly encouraging are the 8 firsts as conductor (double the 2006 number) - congratulations to them as well.

Ashford is once again the leading tower with 38, closely followed by High Halden with 36. Darren Elphick leads the list of conductors with 57, followed by Mark Chittenden-Pile with 42 and Richard Edwards with 40. There were 129 conductors in 2007 (134 in 2006). 21 handbell quarters (up 4 on 2006) and the first two quarter peals on the Trafford mobile ring are included in the total.

The Lewisham District band has had some notable achievements in 2007 ringing the Horton 4 and several silent and unconducted quarter peals. The Canterbury District handbell band has also recorded a silent and unconducted quarter peal. Ringing on higher numbers has continued to develop at Benenden including Surprise Maximus.

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