KCACR Quarter Peals Record

The Quarter Peal records were last updated at 13:06 on 16th June 2021. These pages are maintained by the Association Quarter Peal Secretary. Any corrections or suggestions gratefully received. We currently have 40530 quarter peals in this database.

Latest Comments From QP Secretary

Date Comment
10th February 2021 2020 Annual Quarter Peal Report
20th February 2020 2019 Annual Quarter Peal Report
20th February 2019 About this site

Latest Milestone Submissions

Milestone Achieved by When & Where
1st Quarter Peal Ben Dellow 02 Jun 2021 at Benenden
1st Quarter as conductor Svetlana Sokolova 02 May 2021 at Orpington
1st Quarter as conductor on handbells Nicholas Wilkins 26 Apr 2021 at Sidcup

Latest Quarter Peal Submissions

SubmittedByDate RungTowerChangesMethodConductorActions
15/06/2021 QP Sec 13/06/2021 Birchington (All Saints) 1260 Manston Spitfire Doubles Timothy Attride view
15/06/2021 QP Sec 14/06/2021 Dartford (Holy Trinity) 1260 Grandsire Doubles Rupert J Cheeseman view
14/06/2021 QP Sec 14/06/2021 Maidstone (All Saints) 1296 Surprise Minor (2m) John B Keeler view
14/06/2021 QP Sec 14/06/2021 Broomfield (St Margaret) 1272 Surprise Minor (2m) Philip Rogers view
14/06/2021 QP Sec 12/06/2021 Southfleet (Red Street House) 1260 Plain B Minor Peter J Joyce view
14/06/2021 QP Sec 13/06/2021 Hollingbourne (All Saints) 1296 Cambridge S Minor Darren W Elphick view
14/06/2021 QP Sec 13/06/2021 Tonbridge (Ss Peter & Paul) 1320 Cambridge S Minor Stephen A Coaker view
13/06/2021 QP Sec 13/06/2021 Canterbury (St Stephen) 1300 Doubles (6m/4v) Andrew M Hills view
13/06/2021 QP Sec 10/06/2021 Headcorn (Ss Peter & Paul) 1260 Plain B Doubles Darren W Elphick view
12/06/2021 QP Sec 09/06/2021 Birchington (All Saints) 1260 Duke of Edinburgh Doubles Timothy Attride view

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