KCACR Quarter Peals Record

The Quarter Peal records were last updated at 09:33 on 19th January 2018. These pages are maintained by the Association Quarter Peal Secretary. Any corrections or suggestions gratefully received. We currently have 31460 quarter peals in this database.

Latest Comments From QP Secretary

Date Comment
26th June 2017 About this site
27th February 2017 2016 Annual Quarter Peal Report
26th January 2016 2015 Annual Quarter Peal Report

Latest Milestone Submissions

Milestone Achieved by When & Where
1st Quarter Peal Chris Davine 14 Jan 2018 at Eltham
1400th Quarter Peal Neil Jones 13 Jan 2018 at Benenden
250th Quarter Peal Ross E Hartley 12 Jan 2018 at Bromley

Latest Quarter Peal Submissions

SubmittedByDate RungTowerChangesMethodConductorActions
19/01/2018 QP Sec 18/01/2018 East Farleigh (The Parish Church) 1260 Middlesex B Triples Daniel R Jarvis view
18/01/2018 QP Sec 17/01/2018 Rochester (St Margaret) 1287 Grandsire Triples Neil W Jones view
18/01/2018 QP Sec 17/01/2018 Kemsing (St Mary the Virgin) 1296 Brussels Sprout Minor Stephen A Coaker view
17/01/2018 QP Sec 17/01/2018 Dover (St Mary the Virgin) 1260 St Simon's B Triples Stephen J Davis view
17/01/2018 QP Sec 16/01/2018 Farnborough (St Giles the Abbot) 1320 Fyfield S Minor Nicholas Wilkins view
17/01/2018 QP Sec 16/01/2018 Ashford (St Mary the Virgin) 1260 Plain B Minor Malcolm Barden view
16/01/2018 QP Sec 15/01/2018 Rainham (St Margaret) 1280 Yorkshire S Major Diana R Wraight view
15/01/2018 QP Sec 14/01/2018 Eltham (St John the Baptist) 1260 Plain B Doubles Ian G Mills view
14/01/2018 QP Sec 14/01/2018 Tunstall (St John the Baptist) 1260 Grandsire Triples Neil W Jones view
14/01/2018 QP Sec 14/01/2018 Beckenham (St George) 1280 Bristol S Major Ross E Hartley view

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